California Votes: Propositions 62 and 66

Explain the Propositions:

Repeal the death penalty

Expedite death penalty appeals

This November, Californians face important votes on two ballot initiatives related to the death penalty: Prop 62 and Prop 66. Prop 62 proposes to repeal the death penalty in California and replace it with imprisonment for life without possibility of parole, while Prop 66 proposes to speed up the process of adjudicating capital appeals in state court through a number of complex adjustments to the process. Both propositions would require prisoners to work in prison to pay restitution to the family members of homicide victims.

The Death Penalty Information Center is a national non-profit organization serving the media and the public with analysis and information on issues concerning capital punishment. The goal of this site is to provide voters with impartial analysis concerning Props 62 and 66, to fact check both campaigns, and ensure that Californians have everything they need to make an informed choice on November 8.